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Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA]

Orignal Anime

Usually, anime works are not based on or adapted from other artwork. Whether those other works are drawn manga, written light novels, or video games (visual novels), the position taken from a previous painting gives it some credibility and weight in the anime industry market. These earlier works do not get anime unless they achieve huge successes. This ensures that the studio obtains a profitable return by making it. But not all anime works are based on other works. We have original anime that don’t belong to anything else.

And the original anime works are the ones that the studio staff makes from the ground up without relying on any other previous work, where the idea is entirely original. Usually, when original anime hits, works like manga and light novels are built on them. The most famous example of this point is Psycho-Pass.

Now we will talk about the top ten original anime that is not affiliated with or based on any other artwork such as manga, light novels, or visual novels. So let’s not talk too much and get straight to the point!

Orignal Anime Cowboy Bebop

A classic masterpiece created by Sunrise Studio, without a doubt. Whether in terms of plot, drawing, music, and any other artistic element. In the year 2071 AD, the story takes place when humans settled many of the planets and moons in the solar system and left the Earth behind as a planet unfit for life anymore.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Cowboy Bebop world anime culture


And between this and that, the Hungarian police are trying to keep the peace in every possible way, through the help of some bounty hunters or the so-called “cowboys.” The story revolves around the hero “Spike” and his companions, who roam everywhere for work. But the story takes philosophical and deep curves little by little to result in a plot that suddenly and violently probes the depths of the human soul!

Orignal Anime Samurai Champloo

One of the anime works belongs to the famous Japanese physical combat category: The Art of Samurai. The story begins with Fu, a young woman who works as a waitress in a small tea house. On one occasion, she accidentally spills the tea on a customer, causing him to start bullying her. Fu calls out to one of the samurai in the house, and he rushes to help her.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Samurai Champloo world anime culture


However, he chooses a particular person to fight, who appears to be equal in strength and combat experience. Unfortunately, they both end up destroying the entire house and even killing one of them. As a result, they are sentenced to death, but Fu saves them. Then she makes them her bodyguards to help her find a mysterious samurai warrior who smells of sunflowers. What is the story of that mysterious person? What is in store for this long journey? This is what you will know when you watch anime.

Code Geass

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous anime works in terms of intelligence, games, and conspiracies. The events begin when Britain occupies all of Japan, despises and humiliates its inhabitants. Strips them of Japanese citizenship, and calls them “11” as a kind of lack of identity and origin. The story begins when Lelouch has a mysterious force that makes anyone carry out. His orders by looking directly in the eye.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Code Geass world anime culture


Lelouch seeks to use that power to regain his right stolen by the royal family and to put an end to the brutal injustice of the British Kingdom, so he takes the identity of a terrorist called (Zero), and under that cover begins his plan to control Britain in pieces. But, will he succeed in his goal, or will there be obstacles? Will it remain pure as it was, or will circumstances change it? This is what you will know when watching the anime.


The world has changed in the twenty-second century, and justice has taken on other unusual shapes and colors at all. In this century, human beings are evaluated through what is known as Psycho-Pass. It is a psychological and mental evaluation that is carried out on humans by a brief survey to measure the extent of the criminal tendency of this person and accordingly he is arrested or not. And all this under a security system called the Sybil system.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Psycho Pass world anime culture


Events begin to change when a young lady, Akane, is hired as an aide to officer Kogami, only to discover after much friction that this security system does not serve justice as all her fellow detectives and officers believe. Akane plunged into a whirlpool of philosophical questions and questioned the validity of that system. Is justice achievable through it, or is it a system that is restrictive and oppressive even to the police themselves?


Since a time ago, humans went to Mars to discover a powerful technology called “Aldona.” Accordingly, humans were divided into a Martian empire that possesses that power for itself and an earthly empire with minimal space for technology. The war between the two kingdoms is always going on, of course, with the Martian Empire’s upper hand.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Aldnoah Zero world anime culture


But the balance of power differs when Princess Asseylum comes from Mars to Earth as an ambassador of peace to achieve balance. Unfortunately, an assassination attempt happens to her. Still, she escapes from it and wanders on her face to Earth, only to discover that the empire of Mars is not what she thought and that the matter is more complicated than that. Anime about self, purpose, self-fulfillment, and a genius to the fullest degree.

Death Parade

Usually, the deceased’s soul goes to heaven or hell, which is, of course, in most religions. But by the standards of this anime, the situation is different. The deceased must enter the bar of the bartender “Decim” and then determine his fate through a series of games that help the arbitrator read the insides of human souls better to judge more impartially.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Death parade world anime culture

But Arbitrator Decim’s life is turned upside down when a human being comes to him and does not know what to do with her, so he keeps her by his side during the arbitration. Will that girl be the agent that changes everything and makes the emotionless arbitrator get her? This is what you will know when watching the anime.

Orignal Anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kamina and Simon grew up in an underground city far from the surface. Kamina is a young man trying to make a name for himself, while Simon is a young kid with no ambitions whatsoever. In reality, on one of the little expeditions to the surface, Simon stumbles upon an ancient war machine. The duo then uses it with the help of another girl to fight the hordes of people on the surface and threaten the survival of humanity.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann world anime culture

Now the three of them set out on a journey to free the surface from danger and humiliation and continue to do so to help humanity’s remaining survivors on the surface. They encounter some deadly obstacles, yes, but they continue to support the survivors despite everything, and all this to try to decipher a vast and terrifying mystery the size of the galaxy.

Orignal Anime Kill La Kill

After her father’s murder, Ryuko seeks to find the cause of this and search for the killer to avenge her late father. She finds herself presented in a strange and strange academy during this search trip that accepts only those with supernatural abilities, which a bourgeois student magazine president rules. Four under her command are called the four lined up. Ryuko enters into a fight with them using a machine left behind by her father after his departure but is defeated because they wear a costume that gives them special abilities.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Kill la Kill world anime culture


Ryuko returns to her hometown, broken, but there she stumbles upon a special divine outfit that recognizes her blood and binds to her to give her, too, mighty powers. After that, Ryuko returns to that academy and asks for a fight, all to reach the student council president, who will lead her towards unraveling the mystery about her father’s murder.


Naota Nandaba is a 6th-grade boy who is very traditional, who wants nothing in life but to live in peace and tranquility undisturbed by nothing. Especially after his brother went to play baseball in America and left him alone in Japan to take care of his affairs and take care of everything his brother escaped. He went and left from his bed to the girl and kept clinging to Naota from then on.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
FLCL world anime culture


But his life is turned upside down when a girl, Haruko, rides into his life. That strange girl left him on their first meeting with tire marks on his back and a trumpet attached to his head. What made matters worse was that she resided in his parents’ house. Before Naota could comprehend the situation, the boy directed himself amid a fierce battle for the supremacy of the Earth and even the entire universe!

Eden Of The East

One day Japan was bombarded with many, many powerful missiles. Still, fortunately, there were no casualties. Then the world forgot about an event, and people continued to live their routine lives. The events begin when the girl “Saki” decides to go to America on her graduation trip. But she finds herself rescued from a predicament by a young man named Akira.

Orignal Anime, Orignal Anime which you cannot find in [MANGA], World Culture Times
Eden of the East world anime culture


Akira is a young man with a name and a cute but a little freak who suffers from amnesia and thinks he is a terrorist, making it even stranger that he carries a phone with about 8 billion yen in digital money. The girl befriends him to try to get to know him more. But she did not know that she had entered a big and dangerous game with money, crimes, and phones from people trying to access their lost memories, so what is the secret of all this? And what does this boy have to do with the previous missile incident? This is what you will know when watching the anime.

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