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Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE]


It is difficult to call yourself a fan of (anime) if you have not yet watched this famous (anime) Death Note; we still ultimately remember that day when we watched it, and we remember that we could not stop watching it as we kept going from one episode to the next until we almost forgot that we needed some sleep after we watched it, we knew why many consider this series the greatest that Japan has produced from (anime) until this moment. Therefore, we advise my friends who have not watched it yet to follow it immediately and see all death note facts.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death Note – world anime culture

But, as in any famous movie or program, there are some things that only geeks who have devoted their lives, or at least most of their lives, to searching for the minute details in the series, comics, and the Internet, if you are one of those people, you will most likely not find anything here. You know, but if you are a regular fan who loves this series, in this article, we will provide you with a set of information that you did not know about (the anime) Death Note.

The author of the (anime) who uses the name Tsugumi Ohba is anonymous

In the (anime) and (manga), the character L is hidden under cover of secrecy, as he always prefers to keep his identity secret and his name unknown so that he can solve cases very effectively without worrying about a criminal coming and trying to kill him, so we note that people who know his true identity in the series is limited to a limited number of reliable characters. In contrast, his name remains unknown all the time.

The exciting thing is that the writer who wrote the idea for the series follows the same method. Therefore, it can be said that the concept of ​​anonymising L was taken from the method used by the writer himself, where the writer who uses the name Ohba completely hides his identity as all his personal information is not revealed, his name His real name or date of birth and other data has been shrouded in secrecy since he started his career in 2003 and wrote Death Note.

There are also rumors of some common characteristics between the writer and the character L, such as the habit of sitting in that strange position on a chair and putting the head between the knees while thinking. Some suspect that the writer is Hiroshi Gamo, but we have no evidence for this.

The writer and illustrator Takeshi Obata, who drew the manga, did not meet in person while making the manga.

This duo worked together for a long time to give life to that legendary story that we all enjoyed, and this resulted in many pages that include the comic, which was later turned into (anime); their work brought them closer to each other, but it is interesting that during their work they did not They meet at least once.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death Note – world anime culture

It may seem strange, especially since producing a work like this requires many discussions and modifications. Still, these two used the editor to mediate between them to transfer ideas and requests for changes they wanted. These two partners did not meet until 2004, when they saw each other about a month after publishing (manga). Still, even after this meeting, they went back to the same working pattern when working on their next project: Bakuman’s manga.

We don’t know the reason for this strange technique, but apparently, they are keeping your friends close and working far away.

Various Death Notes

The Death Note, despite its lethal capabilities, took the form of an ordinary notebook. Despite the ominous echo of the name engraved on the notebook’s cover, no one had any doubts that it was different from any standard notebook. A god of this world and hiding his identity from everyone and making the story seem more realistic.

But in the beginning, it was not planned to go this way! The initial designs for the Death Note were more complex, with many decorations. According to the unofficial guide, artist Takeshi Obata believed that the creation of the note should be similar to that of the scriptures and thought that the shape of the note should give you the immediate impression that this book is a death note.

Based on the above, the design had to reflect the civilization of the period in which the events take place, so there were many ideas from ancient scrolls with a story taking place in ancient Japan, and a form similar to the Old Testament book with a story taking place in the cities of Europe in the Middle Ages. Still, in the end, everyone settled on He made the notebook look like an average college student’s notebook and got the famous look we all saw.

Ryuk was supposed to be more attractive

In this series, Ryuk is one of the most important characters that you can hardly forget. Even after watching the series, you can immediately recognize Ryuk and be considered the series’ lucky amulet. Memory and live in it.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death Note – world anime culture

Interestingly, the basic plans were to give Ryuk a more humanoid appearance. Still, Ohba had some concerns as he feared that these plans would steal the spotlight from Light and distract his followers. In the end, Light should Always stay the center of attention, and even though Ryuk never gets his human appearance, there’s this picture of him on the internet that shows us why Ohba is so worried.

Light and L were opposites in every way

When we say everything, we don’t mean one of them is a killer who kills many people and considers himself a god while the other is trying to arrest him. We mean everything, and if you want more evidence, you can watch the second episode to find that Light is using a PC while L Mac uses.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death Note – world anime culture

Sons of L

The changes didn’t stop with the Death Note only; one of the ideas used in the story’s construction was to make L a father. Yes, that’s suitable. L was supposed to be a father to both Mello and Near.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death Note – world anime culture

In the story we all know, Mello was a detective working with the US government while near was a Mafia member. Still, initial ideas included making these two orphans my L’s twins. On the criminal who ended his life! But the problem was that the writer could not accept the idea of ​​L having children because his eccentric nature was not compatible with the concept of ​​L having sex with a girl to have children.

He may be right on this point. However, we do not think that any of the followers may feel that this is logical after thinking about it. This is what made this idea was thrown away and the transition to the plot used in the series.

Eraser of death

In the story within the manga, there were specific rules for how to use the Death Note, the conditions to be followed, and the required timeline, but what would happen if you killed someone and decided later that this person shouldn’t have died? Kind of like giving people a second chance. Do you think that’s not possible? Well, you are wrong, there was an option that could be considered, and that was to add a death eraser to the memo.

In the manga, this tool existed and could be used to revive the dead killed by the note by using it to remove their names from the note. The condition was simple: anyone killed with the note could come back to life when their name was extracted using the death eraser as long as the body had not been cremated.

Fortunately, this idea did not make it to the series, as having Light resurrect the dead would have made the series ridiculous, or at least that is my personal opinion, as we can’t imagine a young man who sees himself as the god of the world undoing his killings of anyone reason was.

Fan theories and martial arts

One of the most iconic scenes that you can never forget is the battle scene between Light and L when they are bound together as L felt the need to keep Light close to him because he suspected that he was responsible for the murders, in other words. After all, he suspected that he was Kira. With Light being so athletic, we thought Light would have the advantage. Still, L shocked us when he kicked his opponent so hard.

Based on L’s sitting position and kick shape, many fans assumed L was an expert in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. Due to the martial art’s popularity, fans were excited to see it in both the manga and the anime.

But in fact, the writer never thought about this. Instead, he wanted L to throw a regular kick at his opponent in response to the punch he had initially been thrown at him. In the end, given the popularity of this theory among fans, the writer decided to turn it into reality and became L Later, he became an expert in the arts of Capoeira.

Naomi Misora’s character lost her life because she was too smart

After her fiancé Raye Penber lost his life while investigating and searching for Kira, former FBI agent Naomi began investigating his death. Naomi had left the FBI several years before the Kira-related murders started, but this did not make her lose her perseverance and investigative skill.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death Note – world anime culture

Her high skill and ability to quickly discover many facts and link evidence together made Light very anxious; this detective was brilliant and careful, which made her careful not to give her real name. Still, unfortunately, this intelligence caused her to be killed. Still, this time the killer was not Light but the author personally.

Originally it was planned that Naomi would get a more significant role in the series. Still, Ohba felt that this character was too good and that her realizatdion was coming to results very quickly. This excellent job she did would affect the relationship between Light and his archenemy L. That’s why the writer felt the need to kill her even though he loved her character very much.

Death Note characters appear in other (anime) series

Many (anime) producers tend to make episodes that bring together characters belonging to other series produced by the same company. For this, we have seen that characters from series such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Fairy Tail have found their way to appear in episodes and films dating back to other worlds, especially In the special episodes. Still, when we consider the unique character of this (anime) and the association of characters with death and melancholy, we will not expect these characters to visit other worlds!

Of course, it was for the producers of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Another opinion, as these characters from the series found excellent guests to visit their world and so when following this series, we notice that there are several characters from Death Note that appeared in the background of the events, and this includes Light and his father standing with Misa behind them, as she seems to be spying on them. At the same time, L is shown riding a bike. Although this scene doesn’t last more than a few seconds, you certainly won’t fail to notice them.

Is it a coincidence or Plagiarism?

Although there are many and many (manga) spread, which has different stories and events. From time to time we can find some similar stories. Some of these cases of similarity may be purely a coincidence and nothing more, but this does not negate the existence of some cases Plagiarism, of course.

In this case, we cannot be sure whether Death Note belongs to the first or the second state. Especially when we know that the idea was previously in an old (manga) called Fushigina Techo. Which means the miraculous notebook.

This (manga) was written by Shigeru Mizuki and spread in 1973. Still, the fact it can be said that the characters differ from each other in the two stories. The manga tells the story of a middle-aged man who accidentally discovers a strange notebook that kills everyone whose name is written on its papers and finds. Also, her abilities are not limited to humans. But she can also kill dogs.

We certainly can’t deny that the two stories are very similar in the main plot. Still, we don’t know definitively whether the writer knew the existence of this story in the first place or not.

Some governments did not want their citizens to watch this (anime)

This (anime) and it is (manga) were widely popular worldwide and followed by everyone, old and young. Still, this admiration did not appear. According to Xinhuanet.com, schools started campaigns to ban Death Note due to the increasing number of students who made their death notes and brought them to schools.

The ban (manga) began in 2005 in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province in the People’s Republic of China. Later, the prohibition extended towards Beijing, Shanghai, and Lanzhou in Gansu Province. Where the ban was justified as being based on maintaining students’ physical and mental health. From terrifying things that mislead Innocent children and their minds and souls scattered.

Outside of China, they tried to ban the Death Note in Albuquerque in New Mexico in 2010 and Russia in 2013. Still, ban requests were denied, and sales continued in both regions.

Death Note movies are a lot of them

Not long ago, specifically in August 2017, a Netflix movie was released that tells the story of Death Note. In my opinion, we can divide the fans of the story into two parts. The unfortunate who watched the Netflix version and the lucky ones who did not scan it. Unfortunately, it is not easy to re-enact the series (Anime). Incredible with real actors, but Netflix not only did not get close. But turned the story into an absolute disaster, but the problem does not stop here. As there were six other films about this (anime).

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death note – world anime culture



Beginning in 2006, Warner Bros., in cooperation with Japanese companies, produced Death Note. Death Note 2: The Last Name, and the movie L: Change the World. As well as several short series titled Death Note New Generation. That appeared in the period between the emergence of Previous movies and a new film that came out in 2016.

We cannot say that we watched all these films, but we watched some of them. They could not complete any of them until the end, and we felt that all the movies we watched were nothing more than cheap copies of (anime). We do not know if we were correct or not. This, in the end, is just an opinion. But we don’t think anyone can watch (anime) and enjoy live versions of movies.

There is also the musical version of Death Note

Starting from the principle that the best way to talk about premeditated murders and massacres is through singing. A lyrical interpretation of the Death Note was released. The musicals from Death Note appeared in 2015 and continued until 2017. When it was last shown in Tokyo, Japan. Interestingly. This musical show was top-rated in both South Korea and Japan.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death note – world anime culture

Death notes are increasingly appearing in American schools

As we mentioned earlier, many children who read (manga) or watched (anime) made their death notes and wrote names on them. Although the matter was no more than joking. Teachers and parents did not like it at all, especially with the discovery of some students who wrote names. Some celebrities, and sometimes the terms of their classmates.

Facts death note, Facts You Didn’t Know About the Famous [DEATH NOTE], World Culture Times
Death note – world anime culture

The existence of these notes has been reported in many schools in various American states. Although most students were not punished for their actions. Some of them found themselves expelled from school for a certain period for this reason. Even some were removed from school permanently. And a unique incident of Its kind caused the death note of one of the students in a lawsuit. As a result, charges were brought against him in court.

Anime-related murders

Away from the fake death notes that swept schools worldwide, some real murders related to the story happened. For example, in 2013. A fifteen-year-old girl was found committing suicide in Russia, and in the place where she killed herself. She found some versions of the (manga) Death Note.

In another incident in Belgium, a serial killer called the Manga Killer. Left a piece of paper on which it was written:

“I (Kira).”

Near the people he killed, although these murders began in 2007. No one was arrested until 2013 when three people were found guilty. And each was sentenced to 20 years in prison for their crimes.

What do you think of this series, and do you prefer (anime) and (manga) or did you like the movies?

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