Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times

Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?

Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times
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When a studio starts offering an anime, it first determines the origin and origin of the story. Then, an anime is made based on ready-made raw material, whether it is a manga, a light novel, or a visual novel (video game). An anime is not made based on something already published, but rather the idea is created from scratch by a scriptwriter, so the anime becomes (original).

The original anime is in no way embarrassing. In the end, it is not based on something that already has an audience, an audience capable of criticism and refutation, and even the success or failure of the entire studio. While anime based on manga, in particular, is subject to fuss with and without reason, suddenly the media’s comparisons appear on the media.

This was evident in the anime Attack on Titan, for example. Although it adhered to the manga by about 90%, people blamed WIT studio for not showing some pivotal scenes and even blamed MAPPA studio in the last season of the anime and blamed him for what?

Yeah, blame him for not submitting to the final season at the WIT studio chart level. However, no matter how closely the anime is based on the manga, the audience will inevitably find weaknesses. How about anime that is highly distorted from the original manga? Here things are burning!

Today we have a list of anime that have been deliberately distorted from the original manga.

Is it excellent? Or is it a huge disappointment?

The Promised Neverland

One of the most shocking anime.

The anime talked about a group of children in an orphanage and cared for by only one woman, Isabella. She feeds them, teaches them, combs them, and everything, alone.

Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times
The promised NEVER LAND world anime culture

Life is traditional and boring for children until Isabella comes one day and says that one of the children has finally been adopted. Everyone says goodbye to the child until the lady takes him to the door of the house, then the curtain comes down on everything.

We have three heroes, Emma, ​​Norman, and Ray. They accidentally learn the truth about the world around them and begin to weave plans to escape. Will they succeed?

The first season was adapted entirely from the original manga. Still, the second season only followed the manga in a few episodes. Then, it made its way with an original story woven by the production studio staff. Some pointed out that it is a destructive step for the story – since the manga is already good – but others pointed out that the distortion is OK and gives a different atmosphere to those who have read the manga before.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Yes, the number 1 anime in history was distorted from the original manga, don’t be surprised.

But also, don’t rush; here’s the trick.

The anime that ranked first on MAL for many years is not the first anime. It bore the title Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and was produced in 2009. The remake of the first anime takes the name Fullmetal Alchemist only and is created in 2003.


The contrast in the style of drawing as well as the animation is evident between the two.

But the apparent differences, well… superficial…

The main difference between the two is that the former rarely followed the manga. Various creation mechanisms are used for the Homunculus, a more terrific villain named (Dante) is included in the story. The end of the events will take the heroes of the action back to the crucible of World War I, which differs from the course of the original manga, which the re-production adapted beautifully.

Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times
The Fullmetal Alchemist world anime culture

It is worth noting that the story talks about a young man named (Edward Elric) who is traveling around the country with his (his brother’s) bodies mobile iron suit, in search of the Philosopher’s Stone, which can return the lost body, as well as many other paranormalities. But little did the poor hero know that he was about to enter into a whirlpool of secrets, fights, and blood splattered everywhere.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul anime (in all its seasons) is one of the most famous anime in the world. Even the original manga was able to head-to-head One-Piece manga during its publication, creating a special place in the hearts and minds of millions, especially outside Japan.

Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times
tokyo ghoul world anime culture

But when you look at the anime and then look at the manga, you get unfortunate. This is because the first season adhered to the manga’s events by about 70%. In contrast, the absolute difference from it began to appear in the second season, and then the seasons. Even when the first manga was completed into an anime, the Re manga (the second manga in the series) also became subject to distortion while being turned into a sequel.

The simplest example of the distortion is that Kaneki, in the second season, was supposed to fight the group (the Aogiri tree), supporting the ghouls cohabiting with humans over those who want to kill them. But in the anime, he decided the opposite. Instead, he joined the aogiri, which made the gap between the anime and the manga widen with the passage of episodes.

The entire anime is about a teenage boy who suddenly finds himself vacillating between being a human and an ogre. Ogres are eating humans, humans are trying to fight them in every way, and now the poor boy has to live with this struggle, trying to find a place for himself in the middle.

Black Butler

This anime is one of our favorites, and it talks about a boy named (Seal Phantom Hive) who made a contract with the devil to take his soul at the end of his life. Still, in return, he will get money, prestige, and everything. However, the real reason is not just the greed for power and money, but to exploit both to take revenge on the person who burned his family house, which made him lose his whole history and past and left him alone in a large mansion.


The first season of the anime followed the manga exactly. There were no noticeable pitfalls, and those who have read the manga (myself included) liked the anime’s treatment very much. But with the second season, the problems come. The anime completely deviated from the manga and presented the audience with a new story, but with the same heroes.

Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times
Black Butler world anime culture

We find that the events of the second season, despite deviating from the story’s primary objective – which is to reach the killers of the Phantom Hive family – but possibilities are exciting and interesting and serve to diversify the heroes and villains in the story.


This is the last – and most potent – shocker on today’s list.

The anime Yu-Gi-Oh, the crowned king of games, is very different from the manga. The difference comes in two axes in particular.

Anime, Anime That Was Distorted from Original Manga [WAS IT SUCCESSFUL]?, World Culture Times

The first axis is the filler.

The filler is outside of the manga, but we have a particular case here, Arc (Seal of Orichalcos) is ultimately a filler. So yeah, the most significant and biggest anime comic is filler.

Imagine if Orichalcos appeared in the manga? How high will global manga sales go? However, it makes us wonder since the arc is the most prominent in the entire anime. Furthermore, the Orichalcos Seal Card is highly sought after when someone starts their group.

The second axis is the Shadow Realm, the place where the pharaoh Atem punishes the guilty. Without physically destroying them in reality, as a kind of mercy.

But in the anime, the Kingdom of Darkness is a fabrication from the studio to make the anime suitable for children inside and outside Japan. At the same time, the original manga never mentioned the Kingdom of Darkness. Instead, it showed images of punishment in a very shocking and dramatic way, such as killing, stabbing, and bodily harm in various forms and forms.

Did anime shock you today? Please share with us the comments about the anime that surprised you with its departure from the manga!

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