Facts about hunter x hunter, 32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!, World Culture Times

32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!


Facts about hunter x hunter, 32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!, World Culture Times
World anime Culture

Hello gentlemen, today we have an entertaining article about the first degree and shocking the first degree. Today, of course, we will talk about the anime, particularly the facts about Hunter X Hunter anime. As you saw in the title, and you opened the article link out of passionate curiosity. And we don’t find anything wrong with that, as this anime has not only left an immortal imprint and memories in our minds but has become. For some of their whole lives and characters with which they coexist in their imagination every day.

Today we will talk about a group of fascinating facts about this fantastic anime, as well as its manga. But today’s article will be somewhat organized; instead of listing the points behind each other. It will be divided into facts related to the manga and mangaka first, and then facts about the anime. As for the anime, we will talk about general facts about the anime itself and then move on to the most exciting part: facts about the characters themselves! So yeah, folks. Today you’re going to see some pretty amazing facts about Gon, Killua, and of course the darling of all fans of this anime, charming, sadistic wizard, lord of murder, and god of death. Wizard Hisoka. And to keep you from getting carried away, of course, we’ll overlook Kurapika and Leorio.

Now before we move on to telling the facts themselves, some of you can read today’s article and have not yet watched the anime or read the manga. Hence, it seems wrong if we get to the heart of the matter directly without telling you the story of this beautiful anime. So now, let’s talk about that sweet story a little bit.

The story

The mangaka created a world completely different from the human world in essence but very similar in appearance. The events begin in a world very similar to our natural world, where geography is very similar (or it can be said that it is inverted or somewhat reversed). Still, the people of this world have a strong ambition. A very passionate class that seeks towards the far horizon searching for treasures and awaited horrors, a style that finds danger is a reason to live. Always survival is for the fittest. It is the class that finds in the word (unknown) special magic that is irresistible.

It is the class of hunters!

In the world of mangaka, hunters are humans who seek treasures and riches, as well as the unknown. The actual events begin on a small island called Whale Island, where a young boy (Gon) and his young aunt (Meto) live. The young boy came to this world, and he does not know what his father looks like through pictures. He left him as an infant and went to complete his quest as a hunter in this strange world. So the boy has grown up with a great passion for the word (hunter). He wants to become a fisherman, too, to know why his father left him and clung to the magic of that word and what that word holds in particular from the supernatural forces of attraction that drive him to go his infant for it.

Accordingly, one day, the young boy finally decides to finally go to the Hunter Exam to finally fulfill his dream, be a fisherman, and find his father the fisherman one day. He goes to the Hunter Exam place to find thousands of people there. Still, He befriends only three, the real-life young man (Leorio), the strangely-clothed boy (Kurapika), and the boy who is exactly his age (Killua). Now the trio is immersed in this strange world to move from one stage to another with many physical and psychological changes that occur in the middle. Will Gon meet his father after all this trouble or not? That’s a question you’ll know the answer to when you join the fun quartet on this never-ending journey!

Facts about manga and mangaka

One of the most famous chapters of the Hunter X Hunter manga is (Ark) and the story of Chimera Ants. The arc (Yoshihiro Togashi) has genuinely amazed us with his genius and his control of the course of events to project actual societal conditions into the events. He just dropped many political, psychological, and mental states on the characters of his artwork. And this is all in the form of unparalleled enthusiasm and excitement, and this is what made it classified among viewers as one of the best Chunin in history in general. And in this work of art in particular. What’s worth knowing is that the mangaka.

Here took over ten years of its life to produce this fantastic arc!

Some may think that Togashi did not produce any manga except for the manga (Hunter X Hunter). Still, he had many other mangas works in his life, such as Sensēha Toshishita, Ōkami Nante Kowakuna, and Occult Tanteidan. However, his most famous works were One of the manga is Yu Yu Hakusho. Some have said in the past (and even now) that Togashi borrowed the look or composition of some Hunter manga characters from that old manga. It is also worth noting that the mangaka himself began drawing and producing manga early. This was in his university days when his talent was discovered by the Japanese company Shueisha for books and video games.

From there, he launched towards success, specifically in the year (1986).

They say that birds of a feather fall, right? This applies to the art world and, as we always find in the artistic community in any country, artists marry each other. Their lives revolve around love resulting from sharing the same passion, goal, and purpose. The same applies to Togashi as well, as he is married to another mangaka called Naoko Takeuchi, which is the manga that produced a very popular manga in Japan. Accordingly, an incredible anime was made and captured the hearts of millions, especially girls, yes gentlemen, it is a manga Sailor Moon. There are some rumors that when Togashi moves to Senior Companion, his wife will complete his artwork.

This mangaka is obsessed with video games. This is the secret of taking endless vacations from those mangas that we will die before we see the end of it. However, Togashi isn’t obsessed with all video games to make us think that he takes long vacations every time he plays more than one game. In fact (apart from his sick leave of up to a year and more), he takes memorable long-term vacations every time playing the new parts that are landing in the market from.

The video game that Dragon Quest loves.

Facts about hunter x hunter, 32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!, World Culture Times
world anime culture

Togashi’s life is distinguished by two things that stand out. The first is his peculiar and distinctive painting style and his very, very, very long vacations. The drawing style of this remarkable manga is to simplify the drawing as much as possible, you can almost tell that he can’t even draw at all, but this is to get the reader to focus on the text next to the drawings (which is really what Togashi does so amazingly). But even though his manga has achieved great fame and became one of the first chunin manga globally, he never stops taking long-term sick vacations to recover from his constant back pain.

Which unfortunately leaves us in a terrible mood.

One of Togashi’s inspirations is video games and other old manga. The aforementioned Dragon Quest has a massive impact on the artwork that he created. The game is very similar to the whole game of Greed Island arc (and its ending scene is very similar to the landfill that Togashi lives in a while playing that game in real life). On the other hand, the manga (Dragon Ball) is the primary inspiration for this manga to produce this incredible artwork. Some characters in it closely resemble those of the classic manga. There is nothing wrong with him in the end, as the manga (Dragon Ball) is considered the spiritual father of the Chunin classification in the anime industry in general.

(Togchi) loves to collect things. When you see a picture of his private room on the Internet, you are almost sure that he is one of those patients who suffer from hoarding disease. And collecting strange things that are useless and take up a lot of space in the house with no use. This is reflected in the characters of his artwork, Hunter X Hunter, without a doubt.

As we find many characters using strange things to use their unique abilities from (Nen) or use them in combat.

We have, for example, Gon, who uses his rod in battle, which is a fishing rod after all, but he uses it for a completely different purpose than the one it was made for. And we have Kurapika, where he uses a metal chain hanging from a small ball to mark places on maps with nen, and of course, many other objects and characters.

Despite the long vacations that Togashi takes, one day, the mangaka (Tsui Ishida), the owner of the manga Tokyo Ghoul, decided to surprise us, and indeed he did something completely unexpected. This famous mangaka brilliantly painted dark and dark pages in a one-shot side manga that deals with the narration of Hisoka’s past, under the.

Title Hisoka Origin Story.

Tsui tried as much as possible to reduce his drawing skill to the level of simplification that Togashi tends to in his work, and he succeeded in producing a beautiful and unique little manga. It is worth noting that after that, a rumor emerged saying that (Tsui Ishida) is the same (Togashi), and this is because (Ishida) has never appeared before and has remained until today in secret, and (Togeshi) takes very many breaks, so he can assume the role of ( Ishida is completing a Tokyo Ghoul manga, and Togashi has previously stated that he and Ishida are close friends, making that rumor believable.

Facts about anime in general

The anime has two versions, an old version from the year 1999, and this is the version that achieved initial fame for the manga in the long run and was characterized by a bit of realism in the drawing, and this is because the style of drawing the anime in that period was generally based on authenticity in Drawing characters to embody them in a way that relates to the lives of humans themselves. And the modern version is a supplemental and lengthy remake of the old version, produced in (2011). This version is considered the best artwork produced by Mad House studio and the version that every anime lover, whether he knows this artwork or not, without a doubt. It is distinguished by its precision in drawing, mastery of vocal performance, and outstanding musical compositions.

Hunters are allowed to track down and kill other Hunters to perform quests or something else in the anime world. Still, the only Hunters who are not allowed to hunt other Hunters are those who have done quite atrocious acts. As when you become a Hunter and get your final license as a Hunter, no one can ever take away that right from you.

Once you become a Hunter, you are a Hunter forever and never to return.

Also, the 100 wealthiest people in the world of this anime are 60 of the fishermen. Also, an angler can sell his license as a fisherman for vast sums of money to sustain him and his family for many years (and this does not erase his name from the fishermen’s register).

Besides that, the fisherman has the right to use public services without the need for money or travel anywhere in the world without the need for a travel visa. This license entitles him to do so quite easily. Hunters also have the right to kill anyone, but there are some exceptions to that law.

They are also the fastest to get jobs in the world of this anime due to their experience and their combative importance to people in business and wealthy people.

Togashi has a funny habit of quoting characters’ names from real things, objects, or people. In the Chimera ant arc, we have names such as Knuckle, Shoot, Palm, and Gyro taken from the terms of baseball fields made in Japan, such as knuckle Shootball, Palmball, Gyroball.

The election arc after the hunter chief Netero, we have Pariston Hill, which was adapted from Paris Hilton, the famous American actress, and model. In the same arc, we also have the character Cheadle, whose nickname is Yorkshire. This title represents a breed of dogs with the same name and is characterized by wit, spontaneity, and beauty.

And in the end, the name (Isaac Netero) is borrowed from the famous physicist (Isaac Newton).

When Netero wanted to have a little fun while he was in the fisherman’s balloon with the boy (Gon) and (Killua), he decided to play a fun game of ball with them in the plane that states that if they can take the ball from him, they will win.

Therefore, he will make them fishers Immediately without having to complete other tests. While playing with them, the older man used only his right arm and his left foot. On the other hand, when we look at his fight against the ant king (Medium) in the Chimera ant arc. We will find that the only limbs left for Netero after the king toppled his other two sides are the same limbs. He was playing with the boys in the balloon: the right arm and the left foot.

Facts about gon

(Gon) is the main character, although the mangaka intended to show the quartet as the actual hero. With time, (Togashi) gradually became shedding light on (Gon) until he made him the real hero in the Chimera Ants arc. Followed by Leave the elections to become the hero in it without even participating in the events as much as we expected. In the mangaka’s mind, Gon was imagined as a straightforward and smiling character. He did not want his hero to be a genius or super powerful. They did not want to follow the taboos of making anime characters. He tried to break barriers and exceed expectations by creating a straightforward and cheerful character. To allow many other characters to stand out in the scene, we have Killua, of course.

Facts about hunter x hunter, 32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!, World Culture Times
world anime culture

The character (Gon) There are many things and evidence to support its simplicity. He is not good at mathematics, and the simplest arithmetic operations are a cosmic catastrophe for him. So in the anime, when (Gon) does a calculation. We find him sitting on the ground thinking hard and smoke pouring from his ears like the chimney of a train moving at the highest speed. And this is an indication of the burning of his nerves in the work of this straightforward calculation. He is also one of the characters who always inspires hope around her, especially in (Kilwa).

The latter told him in one episode, “You’re shining so brightly, Gon, shining in such a way that I can’t even look at it.”

When Gon gets hurt, the big hurt is always in his arms. I feel that the mangaka doesn’t want to hurt him anywhere else on his body other than really his arms. When he was in the finals of the Hunter Exams, Hanzo broke his arm during the fight. When he and his friend Killua went to the Sky Arena to train and earn money simultaneously, Guido broke his right arm there.

And when the Ark of Greed Island came, Genthiro did not shy away from harming him either. Still, savagely and cruelly, he thoughtfully camouflaged his entire arms to stand after him without any upper limbs at all. Finally, Neferipito came to the Chimera Ant Ark to cut off his right arm while fighting with her in his Ultimate and Supernatural mode. So far, Gon hasn’t hurt his arm again in the arc of the Dark Continent that continues these days, but no one knows.

It could happen again at any time, and it looks like Togashi is enjoying it a lot!

(Gon) is famous in the anime that his fighting style using (Nen) is based on what is called (Jagankin). Which in Japanese means stone, paper, and scissors. It’s a famous game, and we all know it, but in the anime. I can harness that verbal principle in the form of deadly combat moves. We have the first method, which is to curl all the power into the fist and then punch the opponent directly. And this is a short-term, direct, and consequential fighting style.

The second method is the scissors style.

He does this by focusing his aura on two of his fingers and directing them forward to create an energy sword that can cut things like scissors, a medium-range fighting style. Finally, we have a third method, which is the paper method. Which relies on pelleting the entire aura in hand. Still, this time it is not launched directly into the opponent’s body. Instead, it is thrown away from its owner’s body to eventually collide with the opponent’s body, making it a long-range combat method.

Facts about Killua

(Kilwa) He is the most famous character in the world of this anime. He is the only character that takes first place in the votes that you do in the Shōnen Jump volume from time to time. He has a vast popular base that exceeds those of Gon and Hisoka. Perhaps this is due to how strong he is and how funny he is. The first information we have here is that Killua always likes to use cats’ facial expressions in various comic situations. When he enjoys eating his favorite ChocoRobo-Kun chocolate balls, he makes an adorable cat face.

Also, he makes the same facial expression when he is feeling arrogant or when he provokes someone.

Facts about hunter x hunter, 32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!, World Culture Times
world anime culture

In the old version of the anime produced in 1999, we see that when Killua and Gon were sitting alone in a hotel room while Leorio was outside. Gon woke up to find that ( Killua is watching something on TV. And it turns out he’s watching porn, and he invites Gon to watch, but he refuses.  when Leorio was about to enter directly, Killua pretended to sleep. So that Gon was alone with Leorio, telling him that he had been awake all this time while the innocent Killua was sleeping early, as you can see. And in the recent version (2011), they deleted that scene, and actually.

we don’t know why?

When we compare the lengths of Gon and Killua, we will find that the latter is about 4 centimeters longer than the former. Which is about 1 inch at most, and this is even though they both have the same age. But when we watch the anime. Whether, in its old or modern version, we usually see the studio showing them at the same level of length. And this is so that there are no significant physical differences between them. So that the viewer can deal with them on somewhat visual equality.

In the 2011 anime, the voice actress for Killua is the same voice as the little boy Romeo Conbolt from the Fairy Tail anime. She is the beautiful and talented voice actress Mariya Ise. It is also worth noting that there are many male characters in the anime, such as Gon and Killua, whose voices are performed by women, not men. This is also the case for many other anime works. For example, we have the character (Naruto) from the anime (Naruto) and the character (Goku) from the anime (Dragon Ball), whose voices are also performed by women. After all, women have a high degree of control over their voices.

As they are highly efficient in vocal performance.

We all know that the primary ability of (Killua) is transmutation, as he can use the (Nen) to transform his aura from the ordinary energetic form to the electric format. Perhaps you will say why he is not electrifying from the electricity he produces? And the ones he uses for shipping? Well, the answer to that question is straightforward, Mrs. In the Zoldyck family, sons are brought up to be very professional killers, so an assassin can’t take a dose of poison or be tortured and then tell his trade secrets, right?

For this reason, that family deliberately tortures the children when they are young with various possible types of torture to be immune to it in the future while performing the killing missions. And one of those torture methods is electrocution,

So Killua has grown to become impervious to it and even uses it as a supernatural aura that surrounds him during the fight.

At the beginning of the anime, Killua is the only person from the leading quartet who did not pass the Hunter Exams. At the same time, Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika succeeded in beginning their lives as Hunters. But on the other hand, when we look at the arc of Greed Island, Killua. when he went for the Hunter Exam that year (that is, the year after the test where they first met). Was the only one who passed the test without any burden whatsoever. At first, he went with his head bowed, and in the end. He knocked everyone out in the blink of an eye and took his license as a Hunter from the first test.

It’s also worth noting that the only person who has done something similar in the entire anime is Gon’s father, Jane Fricks.

Unlike Gon, Killua went to the Hunter Exam just for fun and to have a new experience to kill boredom. However, before he went to that exam. He rebelled against his parents and beat his mother, and fled to the land of that choice. Where he met the other three and started a Crazy adventure.

(Killua) has strange eating habits, especially foods he doesn’t like at all. While he loves chocolate and eats ordinary food, he hates hot peppers and can’t stand it at all. When he was at Aunt Mito’s house when he went to live with Gon for a while after the Hunter Exams were over. Aunt Mito gave him food with hot peppers, and he immediately spits it out. It is also worth noting that the name (Kilauea) in Japanese is Kirua. Which is a combination of the words “kill” and “killer” from English, meaning “kill” and “killer,”.

This is very consistent with the nature of the family to which the young boy belongs.

Killua takes excellent care of the promises he makes, primarily if they are related to a friend. You might see that’s something different from Killua’s aggressive nature due to his ruthless upbringing at the hands of that family of professional killers. In the end, when he executes contracts to kill and faces any opponent. He does not hesitate at all to kill him wholly and entirely. The survival instinct inside him pushes him to kill and excel or to escape and win life. But the presence of (Gon) in his life changed many standards and principles in his life. It made him discover caring for a friend, extending a helping hand to him in time of need, and keeping promises, whatever they may be to him. And inside the soul of any standard and healthy person in this life.

Facts about Hisoka

In one of the famous scenes when Hisoka said to Illumi, “Can I kill Killua?” This was when events escalated in one way or another. But in reality, the sentence is not. Hisoka has phrased the sentence so that it reveals her perverted intentions hidden deep within him. His lustful looks are always watching over everyone, which makes this character unique in a way.

The verb that Hisoka used in the sentence is not the act of killing. Still, instead, it is in another in Japanese meaning (I do) – Do, and the sentence here means “Can I do (Killua)?” That is, can I play with him? In a purely sexual way, of course. Look at the picture above, Hisoka here is making a hand gesture; that motion in Japanese is called sekkusu, and it’s done by people who want to talk about sex but can’t do it in an open way to the other person.

Facts about hunter x hunter, 32 Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know!, World Culture Times
world anime culture

(Hisoka) is one of the characters who imposed a powerful presence since the first moment she appeared in the anime. And around which there are many doubts and rumors, and this is due to her being an utterly mysterious figure and obliterating the past and history. She shows acts of cruelty, intelligence, and extreme manipulative ability, and sometimes also: severe moral perversion. All of this made him one of the most popular anime characters after Killua and Gon. It’s worth noting that one of the things that distinguish Hisoka in this way is his appearance and grooming.

Perhaps the unique thing about him is that he changes it with every arc in the story.

In the Sky Arena arc, Hisoka fought with Castro. Accordingly, he tragically lost his arm in the middle of the ring but won in the end. He seemed calm amid all this horror, simply because his arm would return to his body thanks to nen threads of Machi. One of the Ginny Ryodan gang. When Machi is at home with him and returns his arm to his body again using her elaborate lines very professionally. Hisoka invites her to spend the night with him. This is an explicit invitation to have sex in the manga. In the anime, however, the situation was changed to an invitation to dinner instead of sex. It is worth noting that Hisoka molested Gon and Killua in one of the anime events in the jungle in the Ark of Greed Island.

Accordingly, they told him to walk forward alone.

One of Hisoka’s fighting techniques depends on attaching his nen aura to the opponent’s body or anything else to easily manipulate him. And strike him without trouble so that he becomes like a puppet in his hands and cannot break free. This feature is due to its origin in the gum he liked to chew hard when he was young, called (Bungee gum). And in the old anime version of (1999) during the fight that took place between him and (Gon) in the arena of heaven. It was announced that (Hisoka) used to chew that gum when he was young, not for fun. But because his family was poor enough not to allow him to eat food The remarkable thing. But chewing gum until all of its taste goes away and it becomes tasteless at all.

His binary name is (Hisoka Moru), and (Hisoka) means in Japanese the closed secret. And (Moro) here is not correct, it came because of the English translation of the original name Amour. Which is the Japanese pronunciation of the Spanish word Amor, which means love. And that word of Spanish origin corresponds to his music. Which is played when there is a scene in which he is the main character. So the music always ranges from Spanish to Mexican for him. Also, his snoring feature is known as (Bungee Gum).

We also have a different name, Elastic Love, which is a name that matches his weird and wonderful personality.

(Hisoka) As this is evident from his clothes, he loves playing cards. Which belong to playing cards in general in shape and appearance. He also uses playing cards to kill the void and kill enemies. And since he’s in love with those leaves, we shouldn’t let that minor detail go unheeded. In playing cards, we have four shapes: hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. Yuka always shows one or many papers while in different scenes, sometimes without saying a word. Each of these four shapes symbolizes a different mood and mood. The heart symbolizes love and pleasure. The club symbolizes hard work and effort. The diamond symbolizes excitement and enthusiasm, and the spades represent illness. In the following period, when you re-watch the anime, check the shapes that appear on the cards he plays.

Last word

Now we come to the end of today’s article. Today, we talked about a group of strange and beautiful facts about this charming anime that stuck our hearts and minds with it from the first moment. We talked about the facts, kinks, and mysteries that the mangaka left to discover for ourselves. They talked about important information belonging to mysterious personalities and families that always raise questions. We talked about a lot and a lot in the middle. We hope that the article has won your satisfaction, and we hope you will watch this anime for the second time. As there is a lot that appears with each time you watch the anime.

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