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10 Japanese Anime Movies That Will change Your life!

Today we will talk about 10 Japanese anime movies, after which you will never be the same person. Of course, today’s list belongs to the international ratings of films on many different dating sites worldwide. It has an effortless touch of character and personal taste for the writer.

To have the experience interactive and not completely solid. It is worth noting that the dear Studio (Ghibli) has a large share in today’s list. Fans of this studio prepare for an enjoyable trip in this article. We wish you a pleasant viewing and good choices, now let’s go!

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Ghost in the Shell (1995) world anime culture
Ghost in the Shell (1995) world anime culture

If you are a fan and follower of Hollywood cinema, then you have undoubtedly heard about the movie that made a considerable sensation in the world of cinema. The movie Ghost in the Shell starring (Scarlett Johansson), but this is not compared to the original Japanese movie of the same title and was produced in 1995 by the studio Production IG The film is characterized by a fast pace and a solid and shocking plot.

The film is also very excellent at the directorial and writing level, as the directing intended to show the viewers in a way that shows the written creativity. The mechanism by which the script of the film was written goes deep into the depths of the human soul to the core. The film received a rating of 8.34 on the MAL website and was ranked as No. 196 in terms of rating and No. 177 in terms of popularity, and this is by 188,000 users of the site.

The film’s events begin in the year 2029. In this future year, the year has become entirely technological, and technology has reached biology. Scientists could replace the damaged vital organs in human bodies with machines, so the weak became strong, and the sick became much more likely to survive.

But while technological progress has benefited humanity, it has also harmed it. Significant gangs have begun to emerge more powerful and ferocious thanks to this technology. Still, the police force has also become advanced to confront them.

(Ghost in the shell)

The story revolves around a young female investigator who is considered a human inside a machine, which gives her the advantage of human intelligence and mechanical toughness. That detective fights for justice, but in the middle, she gets into a whirlpool of doubts about the nature of machines and humans.

With time she discovers more and more of her past, the world is already destroyed. And that justice is just a very shallow concept. What is the history of that investigator, and what is the reality of the world? This is what you will know when you watch this iconic movie.

(Ghost in the shell 1995 trailer)

The movie HAL in 2013

 Hal (2013)(Movie) - Anime world anime culture
Hal (2013)(Movie) – Anime world anime culture

This movie has two main things. Firstly, the quality of the graphic, and secondly, the strength and mystery of the plot (which doesn’t look like that at all until we reach the end of the movie and we are all shocked). The drawing is very cool, uplifting to the extreme.

The directing is lovely and fits the simple and cheerful atmosphere. The picture was not flashy or supernatural in a way that fascinates your eye without looking at the plot. In general, simplicity was the secret of distinguishing the drawing in this movie. As for the story, it is very light, and you never get bored with it.

The film received a rating of 7.64 on the MAL website and was ranked as number 1245 in terms of rating and number 1143 in terms of popularity, and this is by 38,000 users of the site. Now, what does his story say, see?

(The movie Hal 2013)

The actual events of the movie begin in the modern era as usual and typical of the works of anime (shoujo) and romance, and here we find the poor girl Kurumi isolated from the world and everyone, and decided to withdraw and confine herself inside a small room away from everyone.

Sadness consumes her every day, and sadness is the separation of the beloved. How do you know what the separation of the beloved is, especially if this separation is forced? That poor girl loved the handsome boy Hal, but one day she lost him in a tragic accident and thus lost the meaning of life. But this sad state does not impress those around her, especially her grandfather, who breaks his heart for her every day.

Grandpa decides to enlist the help of a robot called Q01 to meld into her old boyfriend and then reappear in her life to relieve her depression. Indeed, the robot takes her shape and begins to enter her life, and comes every day with food and tries to woo her, and certainly succeeds with the passage of days.

The girl starts to show signs of psychological comfort. Now the movie takes us on a short and intense journey into human relationships and how they can arise with a robot that doesn’t have human emotions the way we do. And don’t forget, there is a backgammon event at the end of the movie, so you guys are looking forward to it.

(Hal movie trailer)

Spirited Away movie in 2001

Spirited Away (2001) – anime World anime culture
Spirited Away (2001) – anime World anime culture

Well, well, well, many people know this movie, and now that we come to it, they are overwhelmed with joy and happiness just because we’re going to talk about it a little bit. At the outset, we would like to note that this film is the first Japanese anime film to win an Oscar in history, and it was awarded in 2003 as the best-animated film.

The film was presented by the famous Studio Ghibli, which we said will be the lion’s share of today’s list. And of course, when we talk about this studio, we have to talk about the genius (Hayao Miyazaki).

The film is a heavy dose of fantasy and fantasy that you will not see in this quality in any other work. The film received a rating of 8.91 on the MAL website. It was ranked as No. 20 in terms of rating and No. 39 in terms of popularity, and this was done by half a million users of the site.

(Spirited Away)

The film focuses on a ten-year-old girl, stubborn and very troublesome, Chihiro Ogino, who is on her way to their new home with her parents. But while they found a deserted garden and entered it, and after some time, extraordinary things began to happen, which the girl also sensed. Her parents eat food there, and they turn into ugly pigs, and spirits begin to swirl around them from all sides.
And now the girl has entered the world of spirits, and there she must deal with them and live among them and work for survival in this strange world. With time, the girl acquires some beautiful friendships. She enters into many situations and events that are strange and sometimes painful.

Will that poor girl be able to return to the natural human world and return her parents to human form and leave this strange world and suspicious spiritual entities? This is what you will learn when you watch this movie; this is what you will know when you dive into Hayao Miyazaki’s great mind!

(Spirited Away trailer)

Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light in 2011

 Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light -anime world anime culture
Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light -anime world anime culture

The film raises a set of questions that we must all answer honestly. Based on those answers, we will determine if we live our lives with the freedom we think we have, or is life for us just a giant prison that we must one day break its bars and get out of? The film asks you a set of questions, including: Do you live for yourself or people? She is afraid of interacting and dealing with people so they won’t hurt you, so you prefer to isolate yourself in your Shell? By answering these questions, you will determine your genuine attitude towards life.

You will know if you are standing on solid ground in a vast world or fragile environment in the broader prison. The film received a rating of 8.54 on the MAL website. It was ranked as number 86 in terms of rating and number 194 in terms of popularity, and this is by 182 thousand users of the site.

(Into the Forest of Fireflies Light)

The story begins with the cute six-year-old Hotaru Takegawa, a girl who was visiting her uncle in the mountains but lost her way searching for the legend of the mountain god. Amid that sad turmoil of wandering and confusion and desperately calling for help, a young man wearing a mask appears before her to guide her out of the forest in which she got lost.

But on the way, he told her never to touch him, or he would disappear. He is one of the spirits of this mountain. In the end, he successfully took her out of the forest and asked her to promise him that she would not come again, but she promised him that when she came again, she would bring a gift with her.

Indeed, she returned after a while and became older. With time she visited the masked spirit (Jane) every summer vacation. But with age, feelings grow too. Now the girl feels love for him. He reciprocates with her because he rarely enters their area and even forms relationships with them. But those feelings strongly conflict with the no-touch rule. So, what is the fate of that strong but chained relationship? This is what you will know when you watch the movie.

(Into the Forest of Fireflies LIght trailer)

The movie Sword of the Stranger in 2007

Sword of the Stranger (2007) anime world anime culture
Sword of the Stranger (2007) anime world anime culture

Makers painted all the films on the one hand, and he painted this movie in itself on the other side entirely. This movie breached the standards for graphic quality compared to the year the film was made. It is common knowledge that from 2002 to 2008, robust painting techniques required studios with powerful technological capabilities, so we rarely saw an artist who was so well drawn and animated.

For example, the iconic Death Note anime wasn’t very good at all, in my opinion. The film is presented by the famous studio Bones, which has made such substantial works as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia. The film received a rating of 8.39 on the MAL website. It was ranked as number 173 in terms of rating and number 465 in popularity, and 96,000 visitors did this to the site.

(Sword of the Stranger)

At the time of the events, the Ming dynasty took over the rule of ancient Japan. Accordingly, there was a kind of ritual aimed at prolonging one’s life by sacrificing another at a fixed time.

If this person is not found, the way will fail, and they will wait another year for a second chance. And the one who is required to sacrifice him is the boy (Kotaro). But fortunately, the boy can escape after his house is burned down, and on the way forward, he steals from this and that to survive.
But one day, the knights chasing after him shut him down until there was absolutely no escape ahead. Finally, a roving samurai warrior enters to rescue the boy and his dog, severely stabbed.

The boy decides to give the traveling warrior a precious gem in exchange for his protection until he reaches a faraway province where he can be safe. But the samurai did not know that in front of a conspiracy so grand would put his life on the line, as the little boy’s life is at stake as well. So, what is waiting for this trio? This is what you will know when you watch the movie.

(Sword of the Stranger trailer)

Colorful movie in the 2010s

Colorful (2010) | anime world anime culture
Colorful (2010) | anime world anime culture

live for people? Or for ourselves? And if our life is a great mass of a shell of sadness, suffering, and pain, if we get a chance to live life again, will we be able to smash and smash that Shell to live in vast free spaces? Or will we cling to that Shell as a last resort for fear of temptation? Many questions this movie will ask you indirectly, and many answers you will surely get. What is unique about this movie is that the solutions you want to get.

The movie will only help you to reach them and will not give you direct answers or explicit information about how to live life. The film received a rating of 7.98 on the MAL website and was ranked as No. 579 in terms of rating and No. 959 in terms of popularity, and this is by 42,000 users of the site

(Colorful movie)

The story talks about the posed character (I). Yes, the character’s name is (I). This certainly gives a distinct mystery and symbolism whose significance will be understood as events progress. This character died, but when she was waiting to reach the final station of the dead spirit stations, she rejected the spirit. Then an angel came to him, telling him that he had won the lottery and that he was lucky.

Now he could live life again. But in the body of a boy who had recently died, he had committed suicide. Now (I) begins to live again in the body of this 14-year-old, trying to recover the remnants of his past, and coexist with this boy’s society. And between this and that, with time, he discovers more about himself, the world, and the boy who put on this body. So, what awaits us on this journey to search for self and purpose in life? A lot, a lot, my dears.

(Colorful movie trailer)

The movie Patema Inverted in 2013

Family Flicks: Patema Inverted - anime world anime culture
Family Flicks: Patema Inverted – anime world anime culture

It is known that works of art, in general, discuss many societal issues on an ongoing basis, especially those issues for which humans are imprisoned, or lives are lost. Millions of lives can be lost in some cases, and if you are a history reader, you will know that painful truth. And one of those issues is racial segregation. It doesn’t have to be based on race, traits, origin. Or anything else that the great mass of humanity doesn’t see as a good thing.

This film indirectly discusses that issue. The middle presents us with a sweet love story mixed with a painful past, a brutal regime. And severe dystopia within a false utopia. The film has a rating of 8.16 on the MAL website and was ranked as number 360 in terms of rating and number 602 in terms of popularity, and this is by 69,000 users of the site.

(Patema Inverted)

The story begins with a cute little girl (Patema), one of the thousands who live underground in an extensive and intricate network of different tunnels. Life is pretty standard for them below, but the gravity is a little weak. Which moves a little differently. Patema has a friend who has been missing for years, so the girl goes from time to time to explore more tunnels until one day you enter the exclusion zone.

It is an area that no one should enter for reasons that she does not know. But she entered anyway, and there she fell into a bottomless pit at the end of which she did not find herself dead. But she was alive but flying.

Patema finds herself in a world above ground, in which humans like her life are walking on dry land, while for them. It is upside down. In a world above earth, she finds a young boy who helps her cope with this new environment. A joyful relationship develops between them, but life does not always give one the pleasure of happiness.

The government knows this and tries to arrest the duo at any cost. The upturned human beings for the government are (sinners), and God has cursed them for the curse of a coup like this. What is the fate of Patema and her boyfriend, Tara? This is what you will know when you watch the movie.

(Patema Inverted trailer)

A Silent Voice movie in 2016

 A Silent Voice anime world anime culture
A Silent Voice anime world anime culture

The quality of the film is not only due to the graphics, the music, or even the direction. But the quality of the movie in the first place is due to the story. The story is many might think of as traditional, heavily repetitive, and has been played on TV and cinema screens tens, thousands, and thousands of times, so what makes it so unique? What makes it special is that it touches the heart so quickly.

The story here is presented in a movie, which made its events stacked (and led to the deletion of parts of the manga). Stacking the events in a story like that will accelerate the psychological payoff for the story viewer strongly. The film received a rating of 9.04 on the MAL website. It was ranked as number 11 in terms of rating and number 70 in popularity, and 326,000 visitors did this to the site.

(A Silent Voice)

The film’s events begin with the boy (Ishida Shuya). This young boy loves to bully many in the elementary school stages. One day a new girl joined the class. A shy and pretty girl who always carried a small notebook in her hand.

At the beginning of the self-introduction paragraph, the girl opened the notebook so that the shocking phrase in it was (I am deaf). The girl who is deaf and has difficulty speaking also joins the class and becomes a breeding ground for bullying by that boy. But in the end, she always accepts bullying and tries to be friends with him.

As the days pass, the two separate, and Shuya becomes a polite, shy, and introverted boy who regrets the days of bullying this poor girl. Accordingly, he decides to take sign language lessons and go to (Nishemia) himself to apologize to her for what he did in the past and begins a friendship with her. And he goes to it, but he didn’t know that would turn his life upside down. And the turmoil and pain of adolescence would hit him hardest!

(A Silent Voice trailer)

Perfect Blue (1998)

Perfect Blue anime world anime culture
Perfect Blue anime world anime culture

The film has strongly directed a painful soundtrack and a charged dramatic atmosphere and discusses an idea and falls under a rarely seen classification in the anime industry.

It seems that this anime is what made the anime industry in general then tend to embody the same type or idea. The film discussed bipolar personality disorder and the person’s failure to distinguish reality or imagination.

Both of which became a mixture of something that does not know his actual entity. Thus one lives his life as a prisoner of that life, the details of which are not known from the ground up.

The film received a rating of 8.33 on the MAL website. And was ranked as number 210 in terms of rating and number 422 in terms of popularity, and this is by 99,000 users of the site. It is worth noting that the film contains many nudity scenes, so it is necessary to mention.

(Perfect Blue)

Famous pop star Mima Kirigoe is a hugely successful star thanks to joining the popular pop group CHAM! Which became famous in many places and became highly valued by millions. But while the band is so successful, the charming singer decides to leave the pop scene and head to the acting scene.

Accordingly, she left the bar she had spent countless days with, decided to join the visual industry. And hoped that her fans would support her as a screen star as well as support her as a pop star. To hit the iron while it was hot, we played a role in a drama series about murders. With time, she became more active in acting, and she achieved quite a bit of success.
But on the other hand, there is one of her fans who can’t imagine that she left the clear image of the pop star to be such an ugly screen star. Accordingly, he decided to make a web page on the Internet where he publishes her news first-hand. And its news so accurate that he became stalking her every move. He made her life like hell incarnate. With time (Mima) lost the sense of reality as reality or imagination as fantasy, and here things began to expand to the degree that we can no longer curb!

(Perfect Blue trailer)

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Grave of the Fireflies' anime world anime culture
Grave of the Fireflies’ anime world anime culture

And now we’re going to talk about the last movie on today’s list, which our dear Studio Ghibli will also produce. We put it at the end of the article for one reason only. Which is that we recommend it to be the last movie you see on today’s list because it is simply a sad and bleak movie that will make you wail. So, if you decide to watch it. Bring many towels with you, for there will be rivers of tears that will not dry up after you have finished watching it.

The atmosphere of the film is gripping, dramatic, and agonising to the extreme. The film is based on the same name, revolves around war and history, and has won many important awards inside and outside Japan. The film received a rating of 8.55 on the MAL website and was ranked as No. 83 in terms of rating and No. 289 in terms of popularity, and this is by 153 thousand users of the site.

(Grave of the Fireflies)

The events of the film take place during the Second World War, especially in Japan. Now the war is on the verge of an end. Hence, as everyone knows, the United States of America bombed Japan until it killed millions in just a few minutes. Displaced children, and destroyed families and homes without mercy. The movie’s actual events begin when Seita and his younger sister, Setsuko, wander the streets after their house is blown up.

And now they were orphans and alone, on a long, unknown end. They decide to take the country road along with the country. They suffer from hunger and disease during that journey and meet many humans – who have been transformed by the ferocious war – into savage monsters trying only to protect themselves and burn the world around them.

What will be the fate of the poor boy and the poor girl? This is what you will learn when you witness this painful and captivating masterpiece to the soul and soul to the utmost degree. This movie teaches us the value of life, and without a doubt, makes us better human beings.


(Grave of the Fireflies trailer)
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